OH my Gosh!

Now my Tibby sold on reborns.com. This is crazy. I only have one more listed. Good thing the Irelyn competition is over soon so I can list her or I’ll have an “empty nursery”.I am so excited!

Before I can ship her though, I need to remove her head and restuff part of her neck area. She has sort of “settled” and her head is too floppy. I said I’d get her shipped by Wednesday at the latest so I better get on the ball but I’m too excited right now. I just packed up my Honey and got her ready and now I have to do another packing job. (I hate packing them.)


That is great :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You go girl!!! You get to treat us all to drinks. Lol


Have a cyber round on me!

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congrats :slight_smile:

Yayyy! Another success. Way to go, girl.

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That’s great your on a roll. Get to packing and sell more babes :smile:

I’m so excited for you. Can you rub some of that success on me?

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Jeanhai, I really think it’s the site. It’s becoming very active. I really thought I’d have a hard time selling my Tibby. I am just floored. She sold and my little Emily (Sera) hasn’t sold yet. She, Emily, is a booboo baby, but it’s very slight and people have shown tons of interest in her, but no one is pushing that paypal button. I think I could have sold her yesterday but the woman wanted to use another means of payment and I decided to stick to my decision to only take paypal.

I loved your Tibby. I set up a reborns.com account the minute I read you don’t have to have a website. That was the only thing holding me back. Not only did I not need a website, their computer program auto sized my pictures. IMO you could get more for your babies.

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I like to make affordable babies which is why I use so many BB sculpts. If I do the limited editions etc. then I charge more. I also enjoy making the BB sculpts look as though they were the more expensive ones but so far a lot of the people on here do way better than I.

By the way, Tibby was a pain in the tushie! Her lips hated paint. I tried to make some teeth for her. They were terrible looking and fell out. Her head is huge. I wouldn’t even attempt to root it though some people have and have made her gorgeous. I don’t feel I was very successful with her at all but it was partly because I just couldn’t bond with the sculpt. I don’t like how wigs look at all but felt I had to make her with one. I’m never using another. I tried several armature ideas on her but none was great. I took her head off after I sold her today and did some more stuffing and put her back together. I’m fairly satisfied now.

I bet this was more info than you wanted LOL.

By the way, I’m glad you liked her. Toddlers are lots of fun to dress. She is going home with a million outfits.


I rooted my Tibby. It took me 40 hours. I also am about to take off a head and add stuffing. It seems to settle a bit, especially on the big kids.


Do you have a pix of your Tibby? I’d love to see her or him.

Congratulations !!!

Here she is.She has a scab on her left knee and a bruise on her right shin. Typical toddler.


Congratulations, Helen, on another sale!!!

Yaaaaaayyyyy! That is super…Congrats…Keep them coming…

CONGRATS on your sales!!! I will just be glad when I can get another finished LOL


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Thanks everybody!
@jeanhaiI I LOVE your Tibby. I think she may be the cutest one I’ve seen! You reminded me that I was going to put a scraped knee on mine, but I forgot to do it. Darn. It looks so realistic and adorable. Thanks for sharing you picture. My biggest problem with Tibby was that I didn’t like the sculpt and I think it shows.

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Aww, thanks. The only thing that bothered me about her is that her left eye is noticeably smaller than the right. I love her limbs. I had to do her twice. The first time I used Luminaire paints. I really liked how she came out. I let her cure for about 3 weeks because I was doing other things. When I finally got around to rooting her the paint came off her face while I was working on her. I had to strip her and start over with different paint. I contacted Luminaire 3 times and got no response. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper and haven’t used Luminaire since but I was happy with how she turned out in the end.