Oh my gosh the big 6 month easton

I am so in love!
I love bigger babies so you can snuggle them :smile:
Sleepers I love so really like the sleeping Easton
Can’t wait to see some of them made!


Mine should be here tomorrow, I can’t wait to see him and see how BIG he is! I NEED TO SHOP! :smile:


Would love some blank kit pics! :wink:

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I’ll do it ~ soon as he gets here, I’ll take blank kit pics :smile:

Mine should be here tomorrow too lol

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Jealous of yall!

do you know anyone one here that would be willing to reborn grant Easton or Elliot for me because I have all the supplies and I am going back to college full time at 60 years old and raising my 15 year daughter and her 2 month baby only weigh 4lbs 120zand hoping some one out there can help. I already have the kits I just need to know what size shoes they wear.


rooted hair and do you have a photo of easton


he is going to be a nice one. what would you charge me. I would be sending you four 1-pound bags of clear glass beads two pair of nylons for containing glass beads gem-tac glue genesis set of eight paints genesis thinning medium paint brushes mohair baby rooting tool and needles 2ozs of poly-fil supreme cosmetic rounds cosmetic applicators &manicure sticks(Q-tips) cosmetic wedges natural sea sponges and Aleene’s paper glaze plugs neck ring and head plug will also be included

do you know any one out there. To start making my own dolls should I try the complete kit that comes with everything and the DVD

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And here you are again, saying instead of working nights with no time you are going back to college and need someone to do a 6month for you and you have all the supplies. You told me that on my etsy sight and so far twice on this site and different stories each time and each time you have all the supplies. What are you up too?


here is my Easton…I love this kit



Beautiful. I would like to paint him someday. Looks good as a girl too. :slight_smile:


Cute video!

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I got one last month and got her finished.
I’m LUVING mine too. Its a good size but not
over big. The one open hand can make a
little tricky dressing, but no big deal.
THANKS “Michelle Fagan & Bountiful Baby!!” :clinking_glasses:
God Bless.