Oh man

ok now i am upset working on logan and i kinda melted his pinky fingers. one had is just a little bit and the other is bumpy looking. Is there anyway to fix it? the one i can live with the other not so much.

. it looks much worse in person. This is the first time that has happened to me. any advice

one of Twin Bs fingers got out of shape during a bake. It bent at the wrong angle. I propped it with a dish cloth and put it back in the oven. Then I let it cool with the towel holding it in the correct position and it worked.
Hope some of the ladies here can make some suggestions . Best of luck to you.

Sorry I can’t really tell what’s wrong from the photos.

thank you for the suggestions yes it is pitted and a little out of round and yes pictures hard to tell. I think i baked with fingers down instead of up. I use fiber fill and a paper towel but got flour sack material to use next time