Oh Cher - look in here!

It’s been a while since I posted any babies here. I got away from reborning for awhile and am slowly getting interested again. I just finished this little guy last week and absolutely love him. His head is off to Texas at the moment getting some painted hair by a lady on another forum that does fabulous painted hair. (I was too chicken to try it on him.)

He’s the “Roberto” sculpt by Stephanie Sullivan. I saw the one she had done at the IRDA conference last June and fell in love with the sculpt and knew I had to do it. It’s only taken me 10 months to get around to it.

Anyway here is little “Skylar Rey” my baby boy:
(the color is off on the tummy pic due to the lights - he looks more like the other ones)

I’ll post some more pics when I get his head back with his hair. Hope you like him!!

So cute… who is painting his hair??

Pia - her name is Suzanne Ball. I know her from Doll-fan. She does a fabulous job and she’s very reasonable.

Beautiful baby boy !!! Terri I am so glad your reborning again !!! Love seeing your babies!!

Very sweet!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Roberto and your’s is fantastic !!!