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Has anyone heard anything about Kim from I hope all is well with her and her family.


I was thinking about her the other day as well.

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@Kim_CustomDollBaby how are you doing?

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I’ve reached out to her several different ways with no response.

Thought maybe she was just busy with her baby , hope she is ok .

I pray so to. There has been nothing from her since 2017.

Oh my :(. Funny I’ve been thinking about her too

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I’ve been thinking about her as well. Hopefully she is just enjoying motherhood.


Bumping this up!
Has anyone heard from Kim at all. This is so not like her. I was on her fb page and there were some potential customers on there saying they have been trying to reach out to her with no response at all…I’m starting to get worried about her. I tried to call the number she had listed but it says this customer has a vmail that hasn’t been set up yet!
Sending up prayers for Kim and her family!

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