Odd looking babies

Are these supposed to be something like a birth defect?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Reborn-Preemie- … 2c69647624

oh wow, and they have lil string bean legs too!

Oh heavens, I’ve never seen babies look like that, were they kits, I wonder? To each their own, I guess. Looks like someone is going to give the little guys a home anyway.

They are a bit odd, and right - tiny stringbean legs

I have seen them before. I believe they are from kits. They look like the infant version of the doll called Poor Pitiful Pearl.

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I have seen them before. I believe they are from kits. They look like the infant version of the doll called Poor Pitiful Pearl.

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I remember that doll. That kinda dates my age, doesn’t it? Thanks for the memory.

Ok I was wondering if they were supposed to represent some kind of genetic issue or what. I have seen babies with I forgot what the technical term is but fluid on their brain and has to have a shunt to get it from there to the stomach. I just do not remember seeing anyone who looks like this. I was wondering if I needed to research a disorder I did not know about.

Deb, hydrocephalas.

OMG! Debora, I left my Ebay on for a second and answered the phone after looking at these dolls, and My 3 year old BID ON THEM!! AAAAHHH!! He must have clicked one-click bid- b/c it went up to $250 with “kristipeachycheeks” you are the high bidder!! OMG! (Yes I know, bad mommy- I try my best to keep an eye on him) Yes I retracted the bid. Lesson learned!

You can not keep your eyes on them all the time. One time when my son was little I turned my head for a minute to stir supper and my son squeezed his head some how under the TV. It was one of those huge ones and I had to call for help to get him out. None of us could figure out how his head folded to get under there. I am so glad you could retract your bid. Thank you Kim.

Preemie babies can look homely but if the artist was a lot better, they could have turned out a lot better. Sometimes we just have to be honest on some things. I see some reborns on ebay that are done by people that just don’t have the talent for reborning. As long as they are having fun I guess, that is fine.

I can’t believe someone mentioned Poor Pitiful Pearl! she was one of my favorites! I have 2 of them now, I was so excited when I found them! I think she is so homely, she is cute.

The second one looks like the poor little thing had been in the burn unit!

OK…another tac here on selling them. THEY HAVE BIDS!!! Some of us post really nice babies and cant get a bid to save our souls! Yet these poor little creatures have BIDS and not just toddlers either! LOL So, you tell me why? Maybe they jerk someone’s maternal instinct to save them. OR someone wants them to take them out of the “gene pool” so to speak! LOL
Either way …THEY HAVE BIDS!!!


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OMG! Please please please ladies since I am new to reborning if I post any of my work and it looks like this efforet - do be honest and tell me to throw it in the trash bin.

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I would sincerely hope that no one ever tells anyone that their work belongs in the trash bin! That is hardly constructive!

They are ugly scupts to me.

I think somebody felt sorry for them. A nurse gave me a gigo doll to see if it could sell on ebay. One of those yawning babys with the sleeping cap and gown.
It was a gimmy so I listed it for like $9. It sold.


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I’m not going to comment.

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Me neither…