Odd limb sealing?

So I was changing the zipties in my prototype Remy and saw this odd material plugging the limbs. I’m fine with it, just super curious to what it is and if any of you guys have used it.

The artist is Sheila Rand if that is helpful

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Looks like caulking to me ?


I was originally thinking it was the stuff you use to patch drywall (not sure what it’s called) but it’s not powdery like that stuff is. I don’t think it’s caulk because it’s not rubbery or like silicone at all

Great babe rock putty we used that when making Porcelain dolls

Maybe caulking material?

Is changing zip ties part of normal reborn maintenance?

I usually never unassemble babies I buy, especially prototypes, because I don’t want people to think it’s how the artist intended if I happen to sell. But I know I will have Remy forever, and her arms wouldn’t turn at all because of how tight the ties were. It was actually cutting into the vinyl (never seen that happen before)

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Thank you!

I use a water base caulk to seal my limbs. It looks like that. Works great and seals nicely.

@jeanhai have you seen this? Do you know what it is?

Looks like cream cheese to me. (I’m hungry) No idea what it actually is.

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I believe it is vinyl caulking material. I heard a lot of reborners were using it and I tried it myself. It works great and actually seals really well.


@jeanhai, you thought food, I thought toothpaste :smile: