NuWave Oven not turning off?

Last night I baked a head in the NuWave that I’ve had for almost four years. It’s never malfunctioned that I’ve seen. But I forgot to go get the head out last night when it was done baking. This morning I went out to get the head out and figured it would be pretty cold since it got down to the teens last night. When I opened the NuWave and picked up the head, it was warm. Not hot, but nicely warm. Not melted. The oven was not running. I put my hand near the filament at the top of the oven and it felt warm. Has anyone’s oven stayed on, or at least the filament, after the oven kicks off (fan, etc.)? This is weird, as I’ve not had this experience with it, when leaving parts in there after they’re done baking.


Be careful with nuWave … my timer stop working suddenly and I almost melted a baby … now I have to put the timer on my phone … NEVER leave a baby in the over without watching it …


I am sorry, it’s kind of frightening !:joy:


I don’t have a nuwave, I have an off brand walmart oven. But, frequently the timer dings but keeps ticking after and also it just keeps heating after it dings. It’s all sorts of messed up and I’ve only had it for a few months. I just keep an eye on it everytime.

I rarely ever do. I baked the head late last night before bed and was kind of not feeling well. Forgot to go get it before I went to bed. It’s just that my oven has never kept anything warm before when it’s off. I’m wondering if this is a sign it’s going to wear out soon and/or malfunction while using it.

Want to add that I bake in the garage and my husband always goes out there and checks everything before bed. He would have seen it on if it was on, like as in actively running. It wasn’t. So, while it kicked off, for some reason the element stayed on warm. I almost always run a timer and peek in the garage to make sure I no longer hear it running if I cannot go out and get it right away.

Hahahah it is I know … this dolly world …

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Yeah ! We can’t trust those ovens !! We all need to switch to dry paintings haha​:joy::joy:

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Yeah, I originally started with air dry, but after switching to GHSP I hope I don’t have to go back.

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I always supervise when I put my limbs in, or at least stay within ears distance to the oven. I’ve never had that happen!

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I’ve been using nuwave for almost a decade, Im on my second one and have had positive experiences. Perhaps give a message to the company. They might replace it for you if the machine is faulty. Worth a shot.

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It’s four years old, so it may just be getting ready to pass on. We’ll see. It worked fine today. I just won’t be baking right before bed any more. Too easy to forget.