NuWave/Magic Chef Users.....Where do You Bake?

Do any of you ladies have your NuWave or Magic Chef ovens sitting directly in front of or under a window? I’m redoing my entire craft room and want to set a table under the window to put the ovens on, but I’m not sure if being directly in front on the window will have some effect on the ovens holding their temperature during the bake cycle. Moving them under the window would be so much more convenient in terms of me having to get up and down loading/unloading the babies, and frees up another side of the room where I’d like to set up an area just for putting the babies together. I’m tired of having the glass beads all over everywhere. Where do you all have your ovens set up?

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I set my magic chef up before I bake and put it next to the kitchen stove and turn on the exhaust fan.

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I use a NuWave and it sits under a window and I have a fan in the window that pulls the air and fumes out. Works great.

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Thank you ladies…looks like they’ll be moving to the window :smile:


I use mine on our sun porch with the windows open in good weather, but right now it’s in the house by a window. The sunlight hasn’t affected it at all. And if I thought it was I’d just close the blinds. Having it by a window shouldn’t be a problem.
I was much more worried the extreme cold in our unheated sun porch would cause the dome to crack when I turned it on and it warmed up quickly, so it had to come inside.
I keep the door to the room closed when baking and use the fan when it’s not too cold to open the window. I usually let the parts cool inside the closed dome after it cuts off to keep fumes down. Hopefully the weather will start warming up soon and it can go back to the porch though. I really don’t like baking vinyl inside.

In the garage!