Nuwave hopefully its the right type

I finally got me a nuwave and for a pretty good deal! I am so excited to get it now I just have to figure out how to use the thing!! And hopefully I got the right one



Perfect. It’s the exact one I have. Great deal!


Wow 30?? That’s wonderful and yes the right oven :slight_smile:

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I have 2 of those and they are great. Very user friendly. The amber domes seem to last longer then the clear ones also.


You got a super deal! That’s the one lots of us have and you couldn’t have found a better price ever. You are a master shopper!



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Yes!!! That’s the whole deal! Great price!!!

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What site did you find this on?

I bake at 275 for 9 minutes to set my paint. I bake matte or sealer for 10 minutes.

Its on a site called mercari its a awesome site! I seen this on there and grabbed it fast original price was 50 but o offered 30 and she took the deal I was like if this is the right one I just scored!! They have a few more on that site

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Macari they have a few more on that site.

Thank you! I have been searching for one for a few weeks I pulled out all my shopping apps seen this on macari and snagged it originally it was $50 got it for $30 I am so excited!