Nuwave Extender Ring

Well I just bought my paints, supplies, and kit.

I had a nuwave oven I bough in early 2013 for dorm cooking in college. I never used it.

Well I thought it would come in handy now. But by my luck, it did not include an extender ring and none of the extender rings are compatible with its model. I even emailed Nuwave to confirm this.

After just spending the money on all the supplies and such, I do not want to buy another nuwave oven. My other option is oven (which I do cook out my oven and do no not want to buy a smaller one), and heat gun.

Has anyone had luck heating a reborn in a nuwave without an extender ring?

Can the temperature be turned down with extended cooking time or something?

Thank you!

I personally would not use it without the extender ring. Look on Ebay maybe someone has an older extender on sale. I know I bough
t my first one around that time and mine will fit these other extender rings.

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I saw that was compatible with mine (and that is the only one), but I am concerned because it’s closed on the top, as I thought the official or first party Nuwave extender rings were open on top and bottom.

Would it go upside down like a bowl on the bottom of the nuwave oven or something?

Maybe it isn’t closed on one side. The picture is decepting. I looked on the picture again and it looks fine.


It should be the right one. The extender ringer extends the top to the bottom. If that makes sense. So yes, the top is closed it just gives it more room from the element.

They have other ovens like a unwavering that you can use. Check amazon n Walmart. I think one is called Roswell.

Also make sure you use a oven thermometer.

That one actually looks real nice! I’m glad there are cheaper alternatives!

But thanks for the help and suggestions. I ended up getting the extender ring for my nuwave and it fits good! I learned the temperature controls, it goes by numbers or levels, and it seems each level = a certain temperature.

I followed advice and got a thermometer, and will test it tomorrow when I get it in the mail to see if the temperatures stay stable during several trials of it baking (without anything in it of course).

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