Nursery name taken :(

Two years ago, i was alerted to someone having taken my nursery name. So I messaged them but they have never looked or replied. Ppl looking for my page are getting confused and she has bubs on Ebay and I am getting enquiries for them.

I am unable to do anything, on her Ebay auctions you can’t contact the seller. On her fb page there is no provision for commenting or posting.
i can’t report it to fb as there’s also no provision for someone that has taken your name.

This is really frustrating. The person is someone in Florida.

I had the name Stork Beak long before this person and unlike this person, I actually checked to ensure no one else had the name before I started.


That bites … when i was first starting out i had the name little dove nursery and another lady made a similar name and the same thing was happening … I just changed my nursery name since i had not been reborning for very long.