Nursery name, Opinions?

Ok, so I have been trying to narrow down a nursery name… I wasn’t gonna do one but I like the idea of using it on (once I join) and providing it to Star to add to her site.

Anyways I have checked these 2 sites I found through searching this forum, as well as google searching.

My top 3 names I am leaning toward are:

Uniquely Your’s - Reborn Babies by Jenni Lesser (there are wedding shops with Uniquely your’s but no baby things that I have found)

Forever & Always - Reborn Babies by Jenni Lesser (there was a Always and Forever Reborns on youtube - looked to be a teen who roll plays)

Kidlets & Piglets - Reborns by Jenni Lesser (didn’t find anything like it)

I am favoring Uniquely Your’s right now. Any thoughts? And if I did go with that what type of logo would go with it? lol


" Kidlets & Piglets" I love silly, fun, memorable names! :grinning:


Uniquely Your’s is my favorite :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


You should do a search to make sure it’s not registered or trademarked. Otherwise you can be sued and they can sue for any monies collected under the name. Once you find a clear name register with your city and state. Keep track of your sales with quick books.


Do you know a site to search?

Uniquely yours❤️

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I searched on “United States patents and trademarks” and it didnt find anything either…

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Hard to pick , I like them all

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Facebook has some Uniquely Yours pages -
a clothing store in Kansas,
a women’s clothes in New York,
a home decor shop in Washington,
a Gift shop in Colorado,
Prom, Pageant & Bridal clothes in Ohio

And so on but I dont see anything baby or doll related.

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I like Forver and Always


Uniquely Yours


Uniquely Yours :slight_smile:


I love the name Uniquely Your’s!! :heart_eyes:

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I posted a bunch of links in the topic I started. It’s nursery name- legally.

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Cool, thanks I will check them out :slight_smile:

The only problem with Uniquely Yours is that it doesn’t give any hint of what you actually make. It could just as easily be a name for a boutique or makeup line.

I’m all for kidlets…with or without the piglets.
Kidlets sounds really cute by itself.

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I figured it would be something like Uniquely Yours - Reborns by Jenni… Then it says both and my name.