Nursery name help

After a couple of weeks work, I finally completed babies 1 and 2, twins, at the same time. They aren’t perfect but I learned a lot. I have to say, that at 40 years old, I have finally found the thing that I love to do. So, now it’s time to move forward and give it all that I can. I am having a hard time deciding on a nursery name. My husband, who, along with my grandfather, has always called me Charlie thinks that I should go with Charlie’s Angels. Opinions, please?


That’s a sweet name! I would google it make sure no one is using it
Charlie’s Angels Reborn Nursery (if you put reborn into the name when someone types " Reborn " in search engine your nursery name should come up. Good luck post some pictures of your work


My dad called me “Doodlebug” hence Doodlebug Nursery. :wink:


Well, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board. First I went to facebook and searched for Charlie’s Angels Reborn Nursery and no results. Then, I Googled it and, unfortunately, and a jewelry shop popped up that sells dolls under that name.

I really liked it too. I hope I can figure out something that I like as much.

You could do a variation: Charlie’s Sweet Reborn Angels… or something similar.


Three contenders for now:
Charlie’s Reborn Angels
Charlene’s Angels Reborn Nursery
Second Stork Reborn Nursery

I would love to hear opinions!

What about
Charlie’s precious little reborn angels


You could spell it differently. Char Lee’s Angels Reborn Nursery.


i think its great how we seem to pick our nursery names by including a knickname someone has called us that has stuck
i named mine because my grandson doesnt call me grandma hes always called me honey for some reason and i think its cute
i was going to suggest Charlie’s reborn angels but someone already has :slight_smile:


I like Charlie’s Reborn Angels.


Just call it Angels by Charley, or Heaven sent by Charley’s angels


My online nickname is Colee1970 and has been for YEARS. So I call my nursery Colee’s Cradle Nursery. I never thought to search and see if anyone else was using that name LOL. But I haven’t had any trouble before using my “Colee” nick.

I really think Charlie’s Angels is cute!


My name is Nichole… So I picked SAINT NICK NURSERY …lol… I sainted myself!:innocent: my friends thought I was making Christianity dolls… Reborn dolls by Saint Nick! :santa::smiley::heart:

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:grin: I love “Charlie’s Angels.”