Npb --- heads up


Another non paying “winner” No feedback, joined December 14th JUST to buy my doll…lucky me… I’ve opened a case against her.

So sorry Karen -

The nerve of some people. I am blocking her too. Sorry this time waster did this to you.

darn it Karen…Thanks for the name…I’ll add it to my list.

Hopefully you will have a new and paying bidder the next time around.

Thanks everyone – I guess the cancel transaction case runs for 7 days and if the person doesn’t pay, I can then relist and get my final value fees back…so far, no response from the winner. I feel very lucky that this has only happened to me a handful of times, considering I’ve been selling babies since 2002. Counting my blessings that the other 5 people actually won and paid…gosh…what a concept, huh? Sooner or later, I guess it happens to all of us so I try not to stress over it too much.