Nothing at all to do with reborning, but

Charlie wanted to say, Hi! Lol. This is the face I look up to when I’m painting my dolls or crafting. He think my dolls are real babies and he watches me closely to make sure I’m not hurting them. Lol


Cute! How does he act when you are poking their heads for rooting? My little chihuahua thinks my place, and the only place for me, is in my recliner! If I am winding yarn balls, she barks like crazy and wants me back in my chair. She loves to sit by my feet! LOL And, when I am painting dolls, she does the same thing. Fur babies are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


What a lil cutie


He doesn’t like it at all. He rarely barks at anything but he will try to put his head in between my hands and the dolls head. He will keep doing this until I eventually put the doll down lol.
When my daughter plays with her dolls, he’s in her room, supervising the whole thing. lol. He licks them and lays his head on them. He’s a doll fan too I guess. :joy:
He has his own “lovey”. It’s a stuffed puppy that he carries everywhere he goes. Whether it outside to potty, going bye bye, or to sleep. His lovey is never far.
He’s a huge teddy bear. So sweet. You can’t tell by his pictures, but he’s a really big dog. Lol. He’s a Goldendoodle but has the height of a Great Dane.


He looks like such a sweetheart!!!

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He IS big! :slight_smile: People don’t always give fur babies enough credit for their ability to know what is right or wrong with their family. I did get one ball of yarn wound tonight without mine barking! I was beginning to wonder where she went. She is so much company to me. I will have her 10 years the first of April. She was a rescue dog and I have no idea how old she is now.

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Sooo sweet :heart_eyes:

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Charlie is a rescue too so I don’t know how old he is either, but I think he’s around two. He’s like a little human and definitely keeps me company. He’s my other half. :heart:

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