Not My Baby

This girl is selling a baby using my name as the artist. I didn’t create this baby. :unamused: I wish I could let all her bidders know.


Ugh. :frowning: I am so sorry that scammers have stolen your name.


Can we report the post/listing?

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I have no idea what to do about it. I clicked on report to ebay and reported it as fraud last week when she listed it but it did nothing. The auction is still there and they never even contacted me about it at all. She has that doll and will send it out but she’s lying about who made it. She actually already sold it and the person received it and sent it back to her right away so she listed it again. The first customer reached out to me and that’s how I even know about it in the first place.


Call ebay customer service…tell them what’s going on and they may pull the listing.


I didn’t even realize there was anywhere to phone for Ebay

Its hard to get a real human…but i just keep trying until i get through…at voice prompts i just keep saying customer service…or agent…until they transfer the call

I think this might be a current number but not totally sure.


Her auction is on the UK EBay. Do you think it’s the same number?

Have you contacted the seller first? Maybe she just mixed up some artist names?

I don’t think that’s the case because she wrote on the back of the COA all of the information and said that the artist signed it.

I messaged her and asked her where she got the doll because I would like to investigate it further. I said I wasn’t sure if she was scammed or just mixed up on the artist. And I recommended that she just say the artist is unknown or find out who really painted it because it wasn’t me. No idea if she’ll ever get back to me. And even if she does if she’ll tell me the truth.


Could it be possible that there is another Amanda Gregory in the UK who is also a reborn artist? The reason why I ask is the the on the back of the COA, where the doll’s info is written, it shows the date as 5/2/22, which if it had been written here in the US would indicate May 2, 2022 which hasn’t occurred yet. My guess is that the date is actually February 5, 2022.

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It could be possible and I did think of it so I googled my name and checked on reborns as well but didn’t come across another one, still possible even if I didn’t find one. I didn’t think anything of the date and just saw it as February. Ours used to be written yy/mm/dd so it didn’t even look strange to me. I was also thinking it was possible that she wrote all that information on there herself, she is in the UK. My name has been used on scam sites a number of times so I also thought it was totally possible that someone sold her the doll saying I was the artist and now she’s selling it.

I just hope no one buys the doll thinking I’m the artist which is exactly what already happened the first time it sold.


Hi Carmen! I noticed the date too and thought it had something to do with Time Travel! :smile:

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eBay is so out of line these days. So sorry this is happening to you. I remember when that crazy lady trademarked the word “reborn doll” a few years ago and eBay kept pulling the listings of any reborn doll artist who listed a baby with the words “reborn doll” in the auction title. So maddening, and yet now they won’t do much about legit scammers like this one or the ones in Asia who sell tons of knockoffs in their eBay stores.

Some of the fake sites have used Amanda’s name also :frowning:

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Yes and this is why I’m concerned about a doll being sold with my name as the artist when I didn’t paint it. Even if there is someone else with my name customers are confused. The first girl thought she was buying a doll painted by me so there could be others as well. My nursery name is my name so it sucks if there is someone else with the name. Hopefully she uses a nursery name that doesn’t include her name so there would be some way for customers to know

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