Not fake?

I have been checking out reborns on eBay to get ideas as I’m currently contemplating selling some dolls on eBay…
I keep noticing on some titles it will state: “not fake”…
I’m not sure what this means in the “reborn world”…

Also, any opinions on eBay selling? Is that the best/most common selling outlet?
Any tips for selling on eBay?


I have no clue really what they are trying to say by that lol.
Maybe that it is a real reborn? I really dont know lol
ebay and etsy for sure and if you sell on ebay make sure you use photobucket or something else like that so you can post the pictures in the body of your listing so more than 12 photos can be shown

I did not know there was a way to add photos to a body of a listing! That’s good to know!
Is there a tutorial to that somewhere?

And: the more key words used in the title, the more likely people are to stumble upon an auction, in my humble experience.

Thank you for clearing that up Judy! Makes a bit more sense now…

I’m one of those that gets aggravated when someone uses the term “not fake”. Just sounds unprofessional and wrong to me. At least, real reborn differentates from a doll mass produced by a company that looks like a reborn. Not fake just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not a real baby so it is fake. And you can’t have fake dolls because they are dolls.

Well said- I was quite confused at first seeing the term…
Glad I asked:)

— Begin quote from “elikless”

It’s called keyword spamming. It’s against eBay policies, but people try to stick words in the title that will result in more hits. Judy explained exactly where the term “fake baby” has come from. Using not fake will still result in a hit from anybody searching for fake baby. I think it looks silly and unprofessional though.

— End quote