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Which would be the best way to go and if yes gold or bronze or silver, orrrr. Esty I know exposure is good but I don’t want to be on to many ( means I will have to keep up with them) I’m tired of just ebay as an option. And another orrrr Facebook ( not to crazy about that one to old for the drama that I’ve heard comes from there) need options though. Let me know what you think please.`

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I’m currently a Gold Member on I’m curious about Etsy and may try it out soon but I’m in no rush. I don’t use ebay for the reborns, anymore.

Etsy requires more of you but I understand it is good if you know how to use it right. My favorite is It’s easy, inexpensive, and my dollies find good homes there. It is slow right now, however.

If you have lots of dolls to sell, gold is the way to go. I only sell a few dolls at a time so I sell at silver level so that my babies first appear on the “just born” page. They get lots of attention there. I sold babies at Bronze level too though.

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Helen, everything I am reading about seems to be pleasing everyone. What is to stop the same thing happening (scammers etc.) that happens on Ebay? Have the scammers just not discovered yet?

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Does gold gives you more exposure? Not sure what what the differnce is except the feature artist gold gives you. Would silver be a good place to start? Just sick of the posers on eBay they bid the babies up then won’t pay. Or the discount buyers no matter how low u are they want for half price. I know this is a hobby for me but I do invest a lot into it.

Angel, this page will give the prices and lists what you get with each level:

Thanks Amy I will check it out. Got to do something different

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@lynn You could get scammed, but it would be more difficult because most people only take Paypal. If you click it’s a buy. I don’t know how it is for people who are doing customs, but it’s been very good for me and no scammers. On Ebay, my second sale was a no-pay.

I do get people asking me to lower my prices but since I keep them low to begin with i refuse nicely. i told the last one that I had a less expensive doll for sale and to visit Honojane’s Reborns and take a look at her.


How do y’all price on there? Ebay I start the least I will take ( my costs) and hope for more, but with no auction not sure

Post a fair price. Maybe look at some of the other babies and guage where you fall.

Lol that’s hard cause my heart is involved, I will look around see what others are like.


I think if you really look at the other babies you’ll know where you fall. It’s very easy to sell low priced babies. I have found my middle priced babies the hardest to sell. My lowest ones, boo-boos or ones I’m less pleased with go for around $150-$175. They always sell. My nicer babies go between $250-$375. They take much longer to find homes for because now your market has gone to people who can afford the higher prices. If I were ever to acquire a name and a following, I would charge more, but at my skill level and how unknown my nursery is, I couldn’t expect to get much more than that. That’s how I do my pricing. It certainly isn’t based on what the doll is worth or how much I put into it, but more on what the market will bear.


I am on there now but it won’t let me submit how big do pictures need to be?, right? I’m not sure what size they have to be. I think it says on the site. How many pix are you trying to load at once? I add mine in groups of five. Otherwise there may be loading issues.

Yes reborns , tried 9 to many?

Ok it took 2 pictures how do I add more to same listing? And what does listing order mean?

Ok I have more pictures going on

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If you have more than one baby, you can arrange the order they show on your Nursery Page.

Five at a time seems like a good way to load them for me.
Yes, like Amy said, that’s the order for you Nursery Page only.

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I only have the one on there right now but says 10, all good?