Not a fan!

so I just got the body for Presley use on Kase and lets just say I’m not fan. Now I need some advice, is it worth it to buy the body that was made for Kase? does anyone have any other body suggestion and what body does everyone else’s Kase have? Please only full leg suggestions.


I used the body made for Kase and didn’t like it either. Kase was very difficult for me to pose.

Well that stinks, did you change it out for a new one?

No I left it because I entered Kase in the competition @ ROSE. When Sarah Mellman was setting Kase up for pictures I mentioned that he was difficult to pose. She said…yep, I seem to remember that about this kit. I really thought that maybe the front loading kit would work better.

Yes, I did get the one you’re supposed to use for Presley and Asher because they are the same length so I thought it would work but this body is very flat and hard to stuff. The bodies are a good idea I just think they need some mortifications.