If anyone has pictures for our monthly contest send please. I worked a 48 hour shift. I had a almost flat tire when I got off form work. I went to Wal Mart to get it fixed and there is a screw in the sidewall so I need a new tire. My tire of course has road hazard but they do not have one and so I have to go tomorrow after we get paid and hopefully another store has our tire. I drank a 5 hour energy drink which is wearing off, I am washing clothes and rooting hair. So I am here close by and unless I fall asleep I will see a pm fast I hope. I will get the contest up by tonight.

Noses are a strange thing for a contest. What can an artist do with a nose besides blushing? Would we be voting on the nose shape? Just asking…

How about a piercing??? Sorry - just couldn’t resist.


Looks like no entries this month… so no noses to judge??? or pick???


I love painting noses. Noses have shading, pores, veins, milk bumps, etc.

— Begin quote from “MadewithLilysLove”

I love painting noses. Noses have shading, pores, veins, milk bumps, etc.

— End quote

You are the winner!!!

Yes I took a picture of a nose I loved but no one else sent me a picture I was not going to post just mine. I got home a little bit ago and washed my uniform so I can go in to work another 48 hour shift. Tuesday and Wednesday and ,y hubby wants me to go with him today. He has a lot of driving to do and so I will root baby heads in the vehicle today! I hopefully will get to rest Thursday. We have had a weather change and everyone is sick Blah! I will check back in this afternoon!

No noses here except the dog one in my face currently while trying to lick me! Hard to type while dodging wet dog noses! I’ve skipped the last few contests, this one because I was busy visiting a certain little nose and the person it belongs to. I agree that noses are weird but they are a challenge to paint so their creators deserve credit. What do you give to the winner of a nose contest? A hankie, a nose ring, a year’s supply of nasal spray??? I can’t even decide whether to open the noses or paint them let alone choose the perfect nose. Maybe we need a vote on that instead. Or just answer each other’s questions about noses like does leaving it closed protect the integrity of the vinyl? If you don’t open the nose and the kit has a closed mouth, how does the baby breathe? What side of the nose does a nose ring go on anyway? If you blow your nose while the ring is out, does your nose whistle through the little hole? Do people really buy reborns with runny noses? Please tell me that you used paint to do that…not what a three year old would use for doll boogers. Can you tell I’m tired from a long ride yesterday? I promise to find a nose tonight and post a photo of it even if the contest is over. Can I send in an awful one from my early painting days!!!