Nooooo! 😩

This just happened!!! I’m so upset! :weary:

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Oh noooooooooo! :open_mouth:

Oh nooo!!! That is just the absolute worst feeling in the world :sob:

I had him in my real oven. He’s been in there several times. I don’t know how he managed to hit the heating element this time. But this confirms to me that it’s time to learn how to do air dry painting. :confused:


Oh no!!! So sorry!! It happens to us all :disappointed:

Sowry! Yep, this does not happen with air dry.


Oh no!!! I am crying for you right now!!!

I am so sorry and join Katie in crying for you!

I’ve been wanting to figure out how sculpey works for altering kits. This is not the kit I wanted to try it on. But I was able to smooth it out and patch him. Maybe I can at least salvage him enough to make a keeper. :confused:


Wow- I am impressed. Was this liquid sculpey or the clay? Sorry if this is silly, but I have never used it.

Oh no! Poor guy melted?:frowning:

I’m so sorry! It looks like you’ve fixed him up pretty well so far though

It’s clay. I had to use an Xacto knife to trim the vinyl that was sticking up. It gave it a smooth surface with about a 1/4 inch deep ridge. It was easy to fill in. Now I’m just nervous about having to bake him again to cure the clay. Once it’s done. I’m going to figure out how to air dry paint him the rest of the way. I have the air dry paints. I’ve just never bothered to figure them out. Just like the sculpey…I guess now is the time to learn all the things I’ve been avoiding.

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So sorry! This is happening to a lot of people with this kit. I guess he is so big that he’s bumbling up against things that smaller babies don’t. Nice save though! If you are ever ready to learn air dry, theres lots of information here.

Thank you for sharing your fix! I am making a note of it. I do use air dry because that is what I started with, but I also have GHSP and worry that this will happen.

Oh no - that breaks my heart for you :frowning: great job with the sculpty- keep us posted how it works :heart:

I feel for you. Sorry this happened. Maybe he’ll be your keeper.

Praying BB has a good sale so you can buy another.

Thanks everyone. I’ll keep you all posted. I’m on Melissa George’s Patreon. And I bought the golden starter set from MacPherson. I also bought some art &a magic waterborne paints from someone on here. And I bought some miracle blend paints from dolls by sandie a while back. Plus I won a reborn fx hair painting kit from MacPherson. It includes several mediums. Surely with all the options I already have to work with I can find something that works for me. :wink:


You could also wig him and thin it so it’s wispier. If you haven’t baked it yet, it might be beneficial to remove some of the Sculpey that’s not close to the indentation so you’ll have less area to repair.

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Thank you. I thought about putting a wig on him. But I’m going to try to salvage him enough to lightly paint some hair.

Finally! Thanks to @Phassell trading a test head with me, Joey finally got a replacement head. Let the fat baby painting commence again! :grin: