Nonpaying customer and custom work

Hi guys! So I made a custom and my customer and I had an agreement that she was supposed to pay at the end of December. Well she said some things came up and couldn’t pay until this month. She still hasn’t paid so I told her she has until the end of the month to pay off her baby since her baby is complete. I cannot hold on to this baby for months upon months and getting the runaround from her. Would it be wrong if I told her I need the baby paid off by a certain date and if not, I’ll have to put her baby up for sale?


Not wrong at all of you to do that!! See this is what I believe… Ok I think unless you can pay full price right then you shouldn’t purchase. It just puts everyone in a bind. Might be offensive to some but if you can’t afford it do you really need it?..


I would give her a deadline. After that, you can sell her to someone else.



I’d give a deadline as well. Otherwise she may keep you chasing after your money for months.
Any other business would give a firm deadline as well, you should do it too.


Yes, I did get a deposit back in November

Did you tell her that the deposit was non-refundable? If not, I would refund her deposit and wash your hands of her.

On all my custom orders, I take a NON-refundable deposit. I hope that knowing they won’t get that money back makes them serious about going through with the purchase. So far, I only have had one lady back out of her custom order.

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Yes, I told her it was nondefunable. She also provided the kit as well.

not wrong at all, you aren’t a storage facility… :slight_smile:

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Give her a deadline and stick to it. It sounds like she got in over her head and really can’t afford the doll anyway. If she provided the kit that makes it a little more complicated, but if you refund her what she paid for it I’d say you’d be square at that point. I don’t think I’d refund the deposit plus the price of the kit since you stated in the beginning the deposit is non-refundable plus you spent it on supplies, but there’s really nothing wrong with doing that too if you choose. I always think it’s important to be reasonable with people, even annoying people, but you don’t have to let them take advantage of you.
I know someone who had scheduled a couple of customs and the artist suddenly decided to cancel the deal because the buyer got a local person to restuff and reweight the cloth body of another doll she’d bought from her previously. Her artist kept the deposits plus both kits and didn’t refund anything. And then the artist got on social media and trashed the buyer for what she had done. Never did figure out how she justified doing that! It works both ways…some “artists” are annoying as well! LOL
You can’t send her kit back now since you’ve already painted it, but you can sure sell it to someone else and get your money back. And if you refund her the price of the kit you would have no reason to feel bad about doing it. She may also get her priorities in line and pay if she thinks you are going to sell her baby!