NoNo Huti kits

irish and both have NoNo kits for anyone who’s interested. I put this in a separate thread so it wouldn’t get lost in the Huti babies one.


Hi @jeanhai! :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:

Hi Nikki!!! How are ya?

Good!!! How are you???

I was able to put one in my cart on Where did it say you have to order 5 items? Was it when you tried to pay? I didn’t go that far because I was just checking to see if they had any.

Thanks so much Jean…will have to go see…She did not have them the other week…will let you know how I go…Big Hugs…Calling SAM…we may be able to get our Nono’s I’m going to go try now… :smile:

Interesting… the main page says that there is 15-item minimum - that is crazy!

I didn’t realize this is a wholesale dealer. Sorry, guys. I tried. If enough people want it maybe you could combine the orders and have them sent to one place and ship from there.

Thank you @jeanhai x

I’ve got 5 kits (including Nono) in my cart over on, but no dolly dollars until the end of the month. It’s so frustrating to have to buy 5 just to get the one kit I actually want. Luckily, I love Ruth Annette’s sculpts :blush:

@westernstarr Did you manage to get one on the other site?


I tried (not actually going to purchase them) with 5 and it said my order was too large for them to deliver?

Not yet but I am working on it and if I am able to get one, I have already mentioned that I have a lady in the UK who is interested as well so will pass on the info if it is positive as soon as I hear…I have asked also if she doesn’t have any if she knows how we may be able to get one…(She did a life size portrait clay baby of my grandson for me back in 2011 and I have probably painted most all her sculpts that have been produced since I started reborning 7 years ago so have known her for a while…I just have not visited her site of late as most of her kits I have done are custom orders and I send the customers to her to purchase them to have sent to me…so just updating myself with what she has available… - will let you know soon…fingers crossed for us!!! :smile:


Thanks hon x

Fingers, toes, eyes, etc all crossed - mind you, it’s very hard to type now lol :laughing: