Non-paying bidders are always fun

I had a non-paying bidder on my Sprout Eagles auction, and now that it’s become clear that the other bidder won’t take the “second chance offer,” I’m starting to feel really hopeless. The lady sent me some messages many hours after winning the auction saying…

I suppose at least she’s polite. I should be thankful for that.

But I’ve bid on auctions before, and I can’t imagine it’s easy to ignore the big warning it gives you saying that bidding = entering a binding contract to pay… and you have to hit multiple “bid” buttons to complete the process… I don’t know.

Anyway… does anyone want to buy Sprout by LLE? :persevere:

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Sorry that this happened to you. It is very frustrating to find out they changed their mind. Especially after the excitement of notification that your doll sold. It will sell to the right person, it’s adorable!