Has anyone encountered this? I have a Grumpy Sage that I purchased for my collection from another artist. She is lovely but when I turn her arms and legs they make weird noises. I have tried redoing the cable ties to make sure they were not on too tightly and she still does it. I just can’t figure why?


What type of noise?
Squeaky? Crunchy?

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Does she have jointed arms and legs? There are metal joints that kind of sqeak a bit when turned.

Does she have armature? It makes noise when you’re repositioning the doll.

No joints and no armature. It is a rubbing noise similar to the movement of an armature though. It happens when I rotate the arms and legs in any movement of them. It is very hard to describe but it disrupts the pleasantness of the cuddle factor for me. LMBO!

Maybe some kind of plug in the limbs? I know I heard a squeaking when I put cardboard in the limbs…

I had a doll that did that. Made a funny squeaky noise when the limbs were moved like rubbing two balloons together. It was also super stiff to move. I put a tiny bit of cornstarch in the limb grooves with a fine soft paintbrush - no noise and no stiffness. My doll had a vinyl body though which was rubbing against the vinyl limbs, can’t imagine how a cloth body could squeak though!

Ok here is a link to a video I made of the sound. I just have never had a baby do this so it is odd to me.


Whoa. That’s weird. And very loud. :flushed:


Did you recoat the flanges?

No but I was wondering if that would help.

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I would try it. Since new zipties didnt fix it.

don’t know that they are coated but I was wondering if doing something like that would help. Like with Superglue?

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Or paper glaze…

I use SuperGlue. I wonder, too, if some glass beads got in the flanges.

That is normal if the flanges are dry. I always coat mine with top coat nail polish.

I worked til 7 tonight for a coworker on vacation so have not had a day off today to look into it. I will take her apart on Friday when I am off and see if coating them works.

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Maybe try rings?