Noel in prototype contest?

I ordered a Noel by Olga Auer to Reborn for the MacPhersons prototype contest for Olga Auer and I’m a bit confused. On MacPhersons website they say the contest closes on September 30th. How are we supposed to enter a kit that’s not out yet? Was it an oversight or are they extending the contest?


I think is was an oversight.

You could ask @MacPhersonCrafts though.

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I actually think that they may be reworking the contest. All contest information is removed from their site unless I am overlooking it. Maybe they were hoping Noel would be released before the contest end date.

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Oops I meant to tag them! Thank you!


That would be wonderful if they reworked it and extended the deadline

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I saw that too and it made me wonder.
I just assumed it was a mistake.

yes absolutely correct!!!
we decided since so many have been waiting for a long time for the Joel that we will include him and extend the contest to end of December
we needed to show off the Ellie Sue top ten winners for a bit…but are changing up the Olga Contest now.


Wonderful! I’m excited to see everyones entries!

I asked our web-person to put the link back up on the home page
we were using it to show the top ten of Ellie Sue but will put up the Olga one now.


@mcurbelo it is in this post.

The Noel contest is the new one comming up. The one I was going to enter Ellis was the one that closed yesterday. The one that closed yesterday was for any sculpt made by her.

They extended the contest for the all Olga Auer kits. You have until December 31st now!!