Nod bodies question?

I have 2 completed Nod’s (1 girl and 1 boy). I seriously do not like the hard bodies and am considering replacing them with the doe suede bodies, but can the vinyl bodies be used as back and belly plates and has someone done this successfully? Also thinking that they might be useful as belly plates for smaller sized dolls ie 16".

I’m sure they can be cut up. I know I did that with the berenguer hard bodies. You just have to cut off the neck flanges and use an exacto knife to split them in half


Ahhh thank you izzy. I’ve never made a belly plate before. Hope I don’t muck it up!


Here’s a tutorial for you! Scroll down a bit, it’s after they show how to make fake formula bottles. :slight_smile:


Thank you again. I’ll look at that now.

I’ve done body plates with hard bodies. It works great. I removed the head and limbs and made cutting lines with a ruler so they’d be straight. I cut them slowly with an exacto knife.

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