Noah Sculpt?

Hey guys… I hope everyone had a blessed and positive day. Question anyone reborning or know someone who’s reborning an ethnic Noah sculpt… I really love that chubby sculpt and I would love my first reborn (keeper) to be that. I see ethnic in that kit that’s why I prefer ethnic

Not sure if this posting the photo right! Here’s the ethnic Noah I did. Not on my computer with other photos. It looks weird when I posted 2 other times.


Ah so cute do u have a picture out of black and white? Is she sold?

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@adutt just competed a beautiful AA Noah
(@adutt I watermarked it for you before posting on a public forum hope you don’t mind) :heart:


Oh thank you @jlesser her version is BEAUTIFUL. However Im looking for a more newborn version like this but thanks so much I’m pretty sure that sweet baby will sell Fast!


Mine was a custom so she is sold.

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She’s beautiful!! How did you watermark her photo??

I just uploaded her picture in picmonkey and added text

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I didn’t know you could do that Thanks