Noa by Gudrun Legler

Hello there.

I was wondering if anyone here had a picture of Noa but BLANK. I considered preordering this kit, but could not find a single picture of it without paint.

If you have one can you post a pic, please or post a link.

I’ve tried Google and get nothing but pictures of the prototypes. facepalm
I don’t think anyone should have to ask for pictures of a blank kit. If anything, they should be posted before the prototypes.

I agree! I think its important to see the blank kit and be able to see the hands and feet as well as the angles of the arms and legs. I love the face on that kit, but I too am holding off til I see the blank


There’s one on eBay


OH NUTS! 3/4 limbs :frowning: I’m trying not to get anymore kits that have 3/4

You could always get replacement limbs. Like use limbs from a different kit on him and use his limbs for something else. Could probably do front loading legs with the ones that come with it.

Thanks for the link.

It’s cute, but does anyone else think s/he looks like Linus? Not a bad thing, just an observation…

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Just seen this on Facebook…

Wowsa. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t buy this kit. Yikes!