No scarlett for me (sad face)

So I went and got my foot run over monday night (long story, no driver was not at fault) after a couple days of arguing with my sister about being seen, i finally caved and went to an urgent care center who told me to go to the er. Kinda wish i didnt bother. My foot is not broken (i knew this) just deeply bruised (i did not know this. The bruise only started to show up today) but now im out a copay that was money set aside for Scarlett. Unless i hold off on twins a and b. But i want them more and would be more upset if i missed out on them. I wish i had a road map for my life. That way i could see what was gonna happen next and plan accordingly.


Ouch! I’m glad it’s not broken though


Glad it’s not broken though!

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Im glad its not broken as well, me and crutches dont get along! As for saving, i have 2 BIG hospital bills to pay off asap to keep from collections/court. I was planning to pay them off in big monthly chunks, but maybe i can pay a little less than planned and be finished with them later than planned. What I have for kits was set aside before the surprise bill came in the mail… I could maybe use the money set aside for emergencies for this particular er trip. But I dont like to touch that money. Health insurance. I HIGHLY recommend it. Seems like a lot to pay monthly, but i promise its cheaper than an er trip and small diagnostic procedure!


Bb Scarlett? Glad it’s not broken!

That sounds painful! Glad it’s not broken! I would go with Scarlett, I think she’ll be limited edition but the twins are open edition. You can buy them whenever you want.

Oh!!! Duh!!! Lol

Wow! I’m so glad your foot isn’t broken! Life certainly has its twists!


OH no, i’m sorry your foot got run over and the co pay was so high. I hope you recover both your foot being pain free & your reborn funds.


Lololol your punny :wink: