No more fairy doll kits?

I took a bit of a break from dolls…I had put off doing a Cricket mostly because I was having trouble finding clothes that fit and I am not a seamstress …so …now I find that the American Girl brand clothing fits…and I am really wanting to do more dolls in this size…anyone know if there are plans for any dolls same size as the Cricket…Skeeter…size doll? ~Carrie

It is such pity, but they were made out of horrid hard as a rock muddy grey vinyl. We have whole clutch of Skeeters (9 all up) but they were such a pain to paint and root.
Here is our Summer, Sun Flower and Forget-Me-Not .

I would love to see these kits back in the newer vinyl …(and maybe a few new ones) .Something a little difffernt…:slight_smile: