No layaway anymore

I’ve once had someone ask me for a payment plan for a €100 booboo baby. :rofl:


Yes that is so :rofl: :joy: or they say i get my money next friday and then it is
they don’t wanted it anymore
Happend so many times people here want a reborn for 50,00 if they can


I have the same issue with “layaways” or payment plans. People always agree to a specific payment then I get $5 a month instead of the $50. So when in the 4.5 years will this baby get paid off at $5 a month…:woman_facepalming:t2: I’m making it specific in my contract from now on! If agreed upon payment amounts aren’t made 2 times in a row. I have the right to cancel the contract and all payments are no refundable. Sorry but not my problem and then I have to hold a baby for 4 years….I don’t think so.


As a person who is a fan of layaways and A person with bills to worry about, I can’t just be willy nilly blowing my money crazily in one go. However…I also have issues with impulse buying and wanting things with high price tags. layaways help me out all the time when they are offered. I’m not knocking anyone who can afford to bypass a layaway or not. They been serving me to afford many things over the years that I couldn’t dream of owning without them. But I also stick to whatever was agreed upon every time. And if there’s a reason that I’m gonna be late or whatever, I make sure it’s known and if that’s an issue I make some way for it to happen on time.
Hell, I take advantage of macphersons layaway almost every purchase.
And every reborn I ever bought was on time. I’m no where near rich but I stretch what I have even if it puts me in a bind for a moment :man_shrugging:
I have no issue with flying a flag for layaways lol.
All that being said, I can see how issue and dislike can arise when people try to get over using it.