No hippa violation here

I finally have a good story I can share about something that happened at work. I am the person who gets all the long distance runs. They last anywhere from 5 to 8 hours for one trip. A good bit of these trips are on the interstate. Well last night ending my 48 hour shift I was driving back because my partner was tired of driving and all of a sudden I saw traffic ahead of me slow down and swerve and lots of crazy driving. We decided there must be a wreck ahead so she gets gloves and I pull up behind the stopped vehicle which has stuff on a trailer tarped down so I can not see thru or around. I get close enough and I see not a wreck but a huge horse running on the interstate. I told my partner not a wreck but a horse. I gave her my phone and told her to call 911 so they could get our gps coordinates from the call. They apparently do not have enhanced 911 so we had to find a mile marker. I turned my lights on to slow everyone down and the horse went in the median of the road. I was slowly driving beside him and taking to him out my window. HE was slowing down so I pulled off the road and got out. I almost got to him and he ran in the other side in those 2 lanes. I was stopping traffic and trying to get him. Well he went to a lady in an SUV and looked at her truck. She rolls down her window and the horse sticks his head in her truck. This freaks her out and she screams. I was hollaring don’t scream the worse he can do is bite you. This scares the horse again and he takes off. I finally get a hold of his halter around his head and talk to him. I told my partner to call 911 back and let them know I have him caught. Well a big truck comes busting thru and hits his jake brake, which scares the horse again and he jerks out of my hold. I am trying to get him again and a first responder form that area stops and helps me and we get him settled again. A second man stops and he has a part of a tie down strap we can use as a lead so he ties it to him. By this time the state police arrive. I told the first one on scene, “I do not know what you do with stray horses but we have you one.” Now obviously this man is not fond of horses and would not get close to it. The look on his face was priceless. One of the guys who stopped to help called his brother to bring his horse trailer to load it up in and so it could be taken somewhere. While he was on the phone a rubber necker drove by and was looking at the blue lights and the horse and side swipped the first responders truck. He has his wig wags and emergency flashers on and was off on the shoulder of the road. Do I now have a patient of the car? No, thank God. The guy who as it turns out had been with his Dad most of the day. His dad had been involved in an accident and rolled his vehicle. So now we have to have a second state trooper on scene. Finally we got a person there who rescues animals who came and got the trailer backed up. The stud casually walked up in that trailer like it was his. This horses head was taller than me I stand 5foot 4.5 inches, and he was a stud horse. So we were sure glad to see he went so calmly. After this all happened myself and partner and the first responder all had to write out statements as to what happened before we could go. Hopefully the horses owner calls a missing horse and he is reunited but I told them if the owner did not I wanted to adopt it. I have 2 acres of fenced property he could happily roam in with the rest of my animals. We have fun sometimes on my job. When we got back in the truck to go my partner said she could not believe I walked up to such a huge horse. I told her the worse he could do was hurt me. LOL Sorry this was long but it took over an hour to transpire. I love my job!

So wonderful that you took the time to help… I can tell from all of your posts that you are that sort of person… one who loves his brother as we are called to do!!

Sounds like quite an adventure!
Glad no one got hurt

Yes, I love being able to have a little fun in my job. Pia I love helping people and animals.

Loved reading your horse tale…so glad it had a happy ending! Boo and hiss to the jerk in the truck with the jake brake.

Deb, was the stud horse going to, or coming from? Seems to me he had an attitude!

Wow girl thats a darn crazy story!! Sheesh what a night!!! You are very brave I would have been scared of a spooked horse. Good job Deborah!!!

I loved it and my partner said she could not believe I walked up to a strange spooked horse

— Begin quote from “debzdesi”

Thanks for such a wonderful story. In my opinion, there are usually only 2 reasons that a driver would use his jake brake in this type of situation.

  1. He wanted to see if he could scare the horse.
  2. He wanted to see if he could scare you.

OR (I hadn’t thought of this):

  1. He wanted everybody to know how ignorant (I’m being polite) he is and how unobservant he is.

— End quote

I agree…

He did not scare me, made me mad.If I could have gotten my hands on him I would have clobbered him.