No good deed goes unpunished

I saw this story this morning.


You’re kidding me. Old people are the reasons they even made monkey kits; that used to be way cooler than it is nowadays :joy: and they look like monkeys. It’s a stuffed monkey. There’s also a pig there.

I’m about as left as they come without being unreasonable (and way more than most on this forum) and I can’t even feign being offended about this one. Crikey. How stupid.


I am beginning to believe that people wake up, have their morning coffee, then promptly begin the search for something to feel offended about. I’m very sensitive to feelings of others, but there is a line.

The sad thing is that someone probably donated these dolls out of the kindness of their heart. What a nice way to thank them.


I think your absolutely correct.
Isn’t there enough things wrong with this world already? I really wish people were more inclined to find something GOOD to talk about…It’s very disheartening, and it’s one of the reasons I avoid watching the news. We’ve all been way too far apart for a really long time, and we need to find more reasons to stand together.


I’ve seen people call the gorilla dolls racist…
If you see an ape and think it’s supposed to represent a human being, maybe you’re the racist one. :woman_facepalming:


That’s the point I was going to make. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who sees it. If somebody looks at one of the cute lil chimp kits and sees a particular race of human, they are indeed the racist one.

The only thing wrong with that collection of babies is the lack of human diversity. It takes a lot of skill to paint a convincingly ethnic baby though. It’s not in my skill set yet.


I wonder if that’s because people dress them in baby clothes with a pacifier, even though it’s obviously a baby animal.

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My Chaz and Cici are in onesies. It covers the cloth body nicely and gives them more personality. Are you thinking that people have not looked closely and actually mistaken these kits for humans? There’s an awful lot of hair, even if you don’t note the head and limbs being clearly not human. That being said, not everybody has the best eyesight, perhaps even more so in a care home.


That’s a good point, but if somebody’s eyesight is that bad, they probably shouldn’t be ambulatory.

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Perhaps, but theres also reborn pigs in clothes and no one is getting upset over that.
Plus, there’s people who ‘adopt’ live monkeys and put them in clothes as well. I am always more likely to think about those poor creatures when I see these reborns than I am thinking about human babies.


I was just going to say that people adopt monkeys and dress them up. The babies really are like human babies- drink out of a bottle, love to cuddle.

Nobody is saying a word about the pig, which is also dressed. I have some weight to lose, maybe it’s my turn to be offended. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s true, but they are meant to be baby animals. I think if someone is looking at it any other way, they might need to ask themselves why.


Exactly. Was going to say the same thing. I’d say, I created a monkey and if you see a black person then YOU are the racist, go look in the mirror. Things are really going overboard. People need to learn to settle down.

Then such people need to get out more. I’ve seen plenty of real chimpanzees in films and pictures over the years that were dressed in diapers and human clothes. People need to think and look at something carefully before they judge like this.


@DollyPardon you are TOO funny!! :rofl:

After covid…i think i need to be offended by pigs too…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: