No eyebrows

Is it acceptable NOT to have eyebrows??? I am having a heck of a time with them !!!


Hi Lynn,
It might help a little bit to watch how Denis Pratt painted the eyebrows on Paisley a few times over again. This helped me with them. Newborn Baby brows usually seem to be very thinned and light.

Hope this helps!

Emily, Bountiful Baby


Keep practicing, and remember they don’t have to be super detailed, but I think they are important (same for lashes) but the brows need to be placed correctly on the sculpt to look right.

Look at all the tutorials you can find, look at plenty of photographs, and remember too that the individual heads are different, so each one will probably have the brows shape, or placement a bit different. Some sculpts do not have a strongly defined browbone, others clearly do. Don’t give up - and look at pictures - they are a great help.


All babies have eyebrows. Some newborn babies simply have very sparse light eyebrows. My son, my husband, and my dad were all born blond. Their eyebrows were barely visible. I find that using Prisma pencils work best on “newborn” reborns. If you make a mistake, you can always erase them before sealing them with the matte varnish. I use more than one color to do brows.

Thank you everyone for your replies and I guess inside myself I knew I couldn’t get away with NO eyebrows, I just wanted someone to tell me I couldn’t, cause I sure wanted to eliminate them!!! Nothing should be this frustrating. I will practice even if I hate it !! LOL.

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Eyebrows can be tricky. Prisma pencils can be very forgiving, if you make a mistake.

What color of prisma pencil would you use for blonde brows? I hate the browns that turn orange, that just ruins the whole doll as far as I am concerned.

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it!

I have found that it’s not so much that the brown pencil turn red after baking. The trick is to no use any reddish mottle anywhere near where you are going to place the eyebrows. It’s the underlying ‘red’ paint that makes the browns look as thought they have turned orange. I use Sandbar for blonde.

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For the blonde brows, I use Genesis Flesh 1 (I don’t use the prisma pencils) so maybe if you look for that color in the pencils, it will be helpful. Here’s a closeup of blonde brows with the Flesh1 Color that I used on Easton who had soft pale blonde hair


What is flesh 1? Is that flesh 08?? Those brows show up nicely, but they look paler than a flesh color, did you mix them with anything?

Lynn, I’m sorry I meant to say FLESH 8, (not 1) and no it is not mixed with anything other than thinner. I use a one -two hair liner brush and just get a smooth but not watery consistency and it matches the platinum blonde perfectly. By not being so watery as a wash, it also lends some texture to the brow hair.

Thanks for catching that error! Must have been the champagne last night. Wishing everyone a very happy, safe and prosperous 2015

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Thanks for the clarification. Happy New Year and happy reborning in 2015.