NICU photo op

I am going to take several babies to a Kaizer Hospital and they have set up a photo oppertunity for me in the NICU!!!The nurses are going to “play” along and it should be so fun!!!I am meeting with the Dear friend and Midwife who set it up and shesays she has a ton of “stuff” for me to use as props also!!!This is happening on Thurs -I well post what I got fri and share how it went!!!

I will if they well let me!!! Because of the ppa I dout if they well But you never know!!!

OK guys -calm down !!! I am going to Kiazer NICU floor and they are setting me up in an empty room -NO BABIES AROUND- and letting me use an empty isolet and some nurses that are donateing their break time to Play-So I can have a photo op. I didnt Want to make DebieC feel bad about asking -she didnt know That this would not happen nor would it be healthy for the babys-As for me I am a midwife who VERY much values these babies lives and -rest assured I would never do anything so selfesh as to endanger babies lives for my own personal gain -Nor would a BIG hospital like Kaizer allow it!!!

Hi Cher,
I think that is great that they will allow you to do this.

I myself was asked to do a reborn to represent a baby for this unit in my town for the childrens hospital so they can keep it. I told them I would be glad to donate one and they are going to give me all the tubes to use along with showing me where they need to go on the baby as I have no clue. They want this so it will help the siblings before they see the real baby and get frighten, to be able to explain what all the tubes are and how the baby may look also allow them to hold it to take away some of their fears when they see the real one.