Newest addition to my nursery 😊

I have been in baby la la land all week. I’d like to introduce my new little one by @Leabelle. He is so adorable and has the cutest little baby feet and hands. I’m thinking I’m gonna need a bigger crib. I’ve been snapping pics all morning. I’ve had amazing box openings all week. This experience with buying reborns from BB Forum members has turned out better than I could even imagine. Communication throughout the process and quality of art was and is fantastic. When I get a bigger crib (house and crib lol) I will check here again to expand my collection.
Now look at all the cute pics of my newest baby😆

Also isn’t this neat


You are so sweet !
I will miss this little guy !

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Adorable ba y! And yes, your crib is looking quite full! Lol

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She’s adorable. Wait a minute, are you collecting too? Almost called you from goodwill, they had a moses basket, i had it in my hand and put it back. I would of needed work.

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Awww you should have called. I have officially run out of room. We should do a goodwill run this weekend. Or don’t forget I’m home during the day too.

Do you make dolls as well? This baby is precious. The skin is so smooth. I would probably be cuddling him a lot!

I do, but this particular baby was reborn by @Leabelle. She did a wonderful job on him.

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You definitely need a bigger crib. It’s getting pretty crowded in there.


Awe, they are all so cute squished up in there with Miss Cabbage Patch watching over them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes😊I absolutely love her. She watches over my nursery❤️