Newborn with Teeth?

I had someone request this doll and I don’t know what to do with her. She’s the size of a newborn, but shes got teeth. Do I make her a sitting baby, or a newborn. I’m so perplexed!! What do you all think?


What does the customer want? Is she’s newborn, I would make her newborn. My older sister was born with a tooth.:woman_shrugging:t4:


I had two out of my four babies born with teeth. Funny thing, they’re both autistic.


Ahhh…sorry, I didn’t put that in there. The customer is buying it for her mother so she doesn’t know which she would prefer. She told me to choose.

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That’s so interesting. I honestly didn’t know that babies could be born with teeth. i’ve seen babies that got teeth early, but didn’t know they could be born with them.

My oldest had both bottom teeth in and my youngest had one bottom tooth through and the other one came through a month later. The Dr I talked to about my first said I should have the dentist pull them because they weren’t real. I ignored her and sure enough, at five, they came out like normal loose teeth. He would have had no bottom teeth for five years if I’d listened to her. Same with my youngest. Bottom two teeth came out right on time and adult teeth came in.


Did she request teeth or did her mom want a baby with teeth?

That’s the kit that her mom picked out. She asked her a number of times because she didn’t really like it, and her mom stuck to it. So that’s the one I did.

When I worked in maternity, we had a baby born with 4 teeth, 2 on top, 2 on the bottom. When mom saw them, she decided not to breastfeed.
Not all toddler looking dolls are toddler size. A lot of newborn kits will sit if positioned that way. I’d let the mom decide which she wants it to be.


So adorable

That is so fascinating. I didn’t know babies could be born with teeth. I’m learning so much from this post! I think i’m going to put less weight in her head and make her a sitter. She’ll be cute that way. Thank you for the advice.

My niece was born with supernumerary teeth (2 of them) so when they fell out at a few weeks she still ended up with all her baby teeth and all her adult teeth later.

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