Newborn for reborning at walmart

They have a doll called “my sweet love first days” at walmart. It is $20. Looks like a berenger doll. Not anatomically correct. Decent price.

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Be careful. I just searched Wal-Mart and found pages of Chinese knock offs looking like American companies. The are now using the term simulation silicone.

It’s a Berenguer knock off.

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I thought Berenguer marketed as My Sweet Love now? They are sold in WalMart Stores.Have not seen one in store that actually says Berenguer in a long time.

Berenguer is now called JC Toys.

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Do people really use these for reborning? I’ve never heard of that. Would this be a good option for reborns for children?

Berenguer’s were some of the first baby dolls that people started reborning, before there was kits available. They’d have to start by stripping factory paint.


They are play toys that are safe for children before reborning.
Guys, I don’t remember the name of the website that is considered BB’s “sister company” that makes the detailed play dolls that are kid safe, do you?

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It’s Super cute dolls:)


Thank you!

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The kinby dolls are not very realistic. I have done several berenger dolls and can make then very realistic. I put them on a cloth body and cut torso and use as tummy and back plate. Have to use rice sock or something to soften head if you root. I usually paint the hair.

The Kinbys are made from 3D scans of real babies, like what Bountiful Baby uses for their Realborns. But yes, they don’t have torso plates.

The great thing about the Kinbys is that they are rated safe as a toy for children and are complete (not a kit), while reborns do not meet those safety standards.

My sweet love is Berenguer, not a knock off


None of them look like the babies they are supposed to be scanned from. They have some minor things incorporated from the babies. And these dolls can be made for anyone not targeted to children. Just a less expensive kit option.

The Kinbys aren’t a kit. They are completed dolls.

I never said anything about kinby being a kit. I was just sharing a less expensive way to get a doll to reborn. With so many people losing jobs or laid off money can be tight. I myself make reborns for the enjoyment. Not as a source of income. So any way I can save money yet make a good doll I will try. I also like to share any tips or advice I learn or pick up.

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Sorry, I misunderstood you.