Newborn Crystal, Cameron & Sienna

Anyone have any idea what happened to these three kits? I’ve been waiting for the promised December re-stocking for ages, when suddenly they were moved to the discontinued list! What a disappointment!


Cameron and Sienna are no longer being produced, they are discontinued. I am pretty sure Crystal is as well.

Yes, they are all discontinued.

I wonder if these will be like apart of the “new and improved” kits.

I don’t think so, they would have announced it by now and they would still be on the “Out Of Stock” Restocking list. But maybe.

I realise they are discontinued, but not that long ago, BB had written that they were going to be restocked in December. Just wondering why the sudden change?


Not sure. Maybe they don’t have the space?

@EmilyBB Any information on the sudden change to make Sienna, Cameron, and Newborn Crystal discontinued? Much appreciated!

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I am right there with you. t have wanted all three of these for a long time. (Sienna the most, more so than any other doll actually) I was checking the out of stock list frequently to see if the expected arrival miraculously changed and they were going to be here sooner. Then i was gone for a few months, I come back, first thing I do is check to see if Sienna is in, I can’t even find her, so I go to the out of stock list and to my dismay I found out she has been discontinued. And not just Sienna, but the other 2 that I wanted as well, Newborn Crystal and Cameron. My heart is broken, this is far beyond just being disappointed. :cry:

I wondered about the change too. Maybe something happened to the mold. I don’t know how these things work…so that was just a thought. I wish they would let us know instead of leave us speculating. :confused:

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I so agree!

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Aww, :frowning: I wanted these babies as well!!