Newborn Baby Boy Conners Photo shoot!

Hello, I decided to share some of Conners photo shoot pictures. He is so cute and handsome and I’m so pleased of how he turned out!! I will be getting him rooted hopefully soon when I decide to place a order for hair.
He was reborned by the Realborn Brooklyn Asleep kit by Bountiful Baby I really adore Bountiful Baby’s realborns.
Feel free to visit my website below for more pictures of Conner and don’t for get to subscribe on there so you will never miss an update!!:

Weight: 5lbs. 45 ounces
Length: 19" with lightly bent legs
Date of Birth: Jan 17, 2019
Time Of Birth: 8:33 p.m

Heres Baby Conner!!:



So precious!!!

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Cute baby!

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Awww. I want to hold him and cuddle him!

thank you!!:smile:

Thank You!!:smile:

Does anyone know what kind of hair color would best suite him?

Darling Baby!!! :heart:

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