Newbie to the forum

Wanted to say hi to everyone I am new to this but have been reading the forum for a while and decided to join. I have been collecting dolls for as long as I can remember. And fell in love with reborns and have collected several before I tried my hand at it myself, I have made a couple and sold them on eBay. Still a little intimidated by them lol but I will prevail I hope. Still having problems with eyebrows seems I can get the right one to look good but I can’t get the left to ever turn out how I want it any suggestion will be appreciated. And has anyone tried the rub on eyebrows Melissa George has come out with and if yes how do they look in person? Thank you for your time


Welcome to the forum, Angel! I haven’t heard of the rub-on eyebrows. Since faces differ so much, I cant imagine a pre-made brow looking good.

I thought that also by the video it didn’t look very realist but wasnt sure what it look like in person.

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I think you’ll be better off learning how to paint or draw the brows. You can even practice on paper with a pencil or paint brush.

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Try turning the head upside down to do the hard eyebrow. Sometimes that helps. You can also try using Prisma pencil very lightly first to get placement and then, with matching paint, do your final touches. Or, you can just do the brows with Prisma Pencils and seal them if that works for you. It is good to master the painted brows though. It is a technique you need in you “tool-kit.” Welcome to the forum by the way.

Welcome! I am still new and learning as well… so I can’t give any better tips than these other more experienced ladies can give. I just get a lot of peace and relaxation out of painting these little darlings.