Newbie baby, heres what ive done so

1st of all the top of her head looks “dirty” because she is an old reborn that I stripped and I took out her hair.
Also, I am using Jo Sonja and Liquitex soft body acrylics…she has not yet been sealed so she is still a bit shiny. I want to fix her mouth, maybe?..and she also needs eyebrows but aside from all that…what else does she need?
I just decided to add in her legs…I haven’t blushed her arms yet and I haven’t touched her for three days because Ive been busy with other things. I finally got my new wheelchair so Ive been playing with that…its so cool. Ok anyway…please be critical, because I want my new kit to come out nice, they will both be mine, of course, but still.

Oh…Ive also taken up staring at babies. My husband joked that people are going to think Im really creepy and call the police after I told him I want to go to a baby store so I can look at babies :joy: Ok, I also wanted to look at baby clothes but didnt want him to know I want to spend more money :smile: <imsrc="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/8/6/86926aa59395862748534ed8c47abcbbfcb27ecd.JPG" width=“281” height=“500”>


She looks good, much better than my first babies did!
The veins look a bit dark, not sure if that’s the picture, though.
You could also add a mottling layer.

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Hard to believe you are new, your baby looks good so far from what I can see. And you aren’t alone… I stare at babies too. Have to restrain myself in public so no one thinks I’m a weirdo. Lol

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I was wondering if I should do more mottling…I did one at the beginning but it got buried. I should have done two, at least, one more red and one more purple maybe?
Yeah, I can’t see the veins as well as they show up on the picture. Also when I started her the only blue (mixed with a bit of green) I had was Pthalo Blue and its kind of strong…I now have some ultramarine (liquitex) and I also ordered some Dioxazine Purple that will be here tomorrow. Its been kind of hard for me to use the colours I had so Im slowly sneaking in more. I can get big jars of Liquitex (237 ml) on amazon for under 20 (the prices vary, my ultramarine blue was only 9 and my purple was 13) which is good for me because I live in France and can’t find what I need very easily. Ive also bought some little pots and put all my tubes of Jo Sonja and my little tube of Liquitex in those and that is easier to take paint from than the tubes.

Thank you for your critique…I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :blush:
Ive been stressing out over her skin tone and blush…I really like pink babies though :slight_smile:

I worked so much on her legs that I completely forgot to detail and blush her arms LOL…It is hard not to stare at babies now, especially at their hair, I was noticing some babies have their swirl more on the left instead of the right like all my babies did…my son (he’s nearly 15 now) has a double swirl, his hair always sticks up when its cut short.


Your baby looks really good!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

So do you guys think that maybe I should just do a few touch ups and be happy with her?..or should I do another mottling layer considering the other one is not very visible?
Im not really sure what to do now.
I am anxious to start my new kit, as I said this one is an old reborn that I stripped…I bought a Meg kit but Im waiting for my purple paint to come tomorrow to start her.
Also…isnt this the cutest kit??? Im getting this one next month and after I finish my Meg kit. She reminds me so much of my youngest daughter. I will use her picture when she was about that age…9 months or so, maybe older?

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Your baby looks good! Congratulations on your new wheelchair!

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I just put a green wash on her legs because they are just too red to me. It looks better now but Im wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what to do next?

i was thinking that i could do more mottling on her and a couple more flesh layers? Im not sure what to do right now.

Lil -less is more in reborning MOST of the time -I think you have done a wonderful job but I agree the she could use another mottle to add a bit more depth just go light and take your time -she is really looking very nice !

Thank you :slight_smile: …her legs look better, they were too red and didnt even match the rest of her so now it looks good and I needed the green wash anyway for my first kit (Meg kit) that I have decided to start today. I was, kind of, all over the place with my other doll, this new one Ill go much slower with and I now have worked out which brushes I need to use and I feel more confident and comfortable. I know I still have a long way to go but since I used to paint people (pictures of people…mainly the guys from Duran Duran if anyone remembers them LOL) I decided that I should try put some of that knowledge, if I can shake it out of my old head, along with the tutorials and ideas Ive found online about reborning. I was trying too hard to learn a whole new way of painting, and it is very different, but some of the same things still apply.
Ill put another mottling layer on the one pictured here when I do my new baby and then decide what else I want to do…obviously I need to do eyebrows LOL.
Ill post pictures of my Meg kit as I go, as well and hope for more honest criticism :blush:…it helps me a lot. I hope I don’t drive you all nutty with my baby parts and my bad photography :wink: