New website.- and not happy

I am not crazy about the new website. I like the sculpts shown by category as in the old website. Also, I was hoping the new website would offer a body, rings and plugs and a package along with the sculpt. It is tiresome selecting each ring and plug and searching for the body. It is more difficult with the new website. Bountiful Baby, make it easier for us. I buy a lot from you and am not happy with your changes.

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Even with the old site, some people didn’t use plugs and rings and I often don’t use the recommended body. If they included these things, it would add to the cost of the kit and some people, like me, would end up with a pile of things I can’t use.


They’re still there, you just have to add them separately, as with the old website. Not everyone uses the same bodies and some people don’t use plugs.
Also, the categories are still there.

It is all there in the related items under the kit listing… look at Ashley asleep’s page. That is how they will look once all updated.



I’m not sure any of the comments will change the set up of the new website. I remember the very negative posts on the previous change and sorry to say, they made no difference. So l say, it’s probably going to stay the way it is and sooner or later we will get use to it. So unfortunately, save yourself the stress of it all, and go with the flow.


Its going to be an adjustment. But, it does look more modern.

i have found it is much easier on my computer then on my phone. I had a hard time on my phone. I am sure we will all adjust.

I never like to change…but I have to admit the site is better, faster, and will be easier once I get used to it. I keep looking for the old links, but when I see where to find what I’m looking for I see why it is better.


They could offer to options for different prices. Face it, if you need plugs etc., you have to find them everytime. I don’t use them, so I would want the other option, but one reason I stopped using them was that is was so difficult to make sure you had the right one. @jeanhai

They could just offer a set of plugs/rings needed for that kit, separate from the kit, as an additional purchase. So instead of adding 2 plugs of one size, 2 of another, 1 of another, and 1-3 rings when you order a kit, you could just add the plugs and rings set to your order and get everything you need for that kit. I periodically go through and order 5-10 plugs of every size so that I have a variety on hand, but I inevitably run out of some of the more common sizes just when I need them. I don’t mess with rings. I think it would be a nice option to have a plugs/rings set as an option.