New topic -- no reply option on posts!

BB forum representatives, please note that there is no reply options on posting - searching for topics is extremely awkward and this forum is NOT working as well as planned.

I certainly don’t mind change, but this is absurd when you cannot navigate through a simple forum, no disrespect intended, but I don’t think this was a good change.


Let me look into it, whereas I see a ‘Reply’ option on my account.

Reply option working fine.

@ginnylee I’ve logged into your account and choose this topic, and do see a reply option. What is it that you are trying to reply to so I can test what you are trying to do to solve the problem you are having.

I do not believe there is a “reply” option on this post. Uncategorized?

Nope, not for me there isn’t.

Alright. I think i might know what you are talking about. If you create a new topic, and you do not set a category for the topic, there is no reply option.

So - what this means to me is that if it is ‘UNCATAGORIZED’ it has “no topic” so to speak so you have to click onto the topic and then reply. Do I have that right Emily?

That is correct Judy! It would be nice if the forum notified you of that if you tried to post “uncategorized” ! Perhaps @EmilyBB can get tech support to do that?

Thanks Emily - I see now that it is here - prior to this, no reply option. Maybe a quirk

Yes, I’ve already contacted technical support on this matter. :smile:

Technically there is still a topic created. It will just fall under the 'UNCATERGORIZED category. You can click ‘CREATE TOPIC’ and still select a category after you are in the ‘create new topic:’ window.

I’d recommend just selecting a category before clicking ‘create topic’

However, you can still select a category after you’ve clicked ‘create topic’ and just select the category in the ‘create new topic’ window at the bottom.

‘Create new topic’ window:

@EmilyBB Is there a reason that the “uncategorized” option is not in the All Categories pull down menu?

@rainbow Yes, when having a new topic set to the ‘uncategorized’ category, people were not able to REPLY to that topic. Technical support has decided that it would be better and more friendly to just eliminate that problem by eliminating the ‘uncategorized’ category.

Also, not having topics automatically fall under ‘uncategorized’ will also help the topics to stay organized and help your post be found easier by other users searching for topics in the specific category your post was meant to be in.