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Hello Everyone!

I’m new to the group, getting ready to begin my first baby. I am having trouble finding the “air dry gloss varnish.” Does anyone have any clue where I can find this, or as it been replaced with another item?

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I believe it’s been discontinued, But I’m not sure what else you could use. I personally don’t use any gloss on my babies. But most people do.

Ok, thank you so much, for the quick response :blush:

No problem :slight_smile: Feel free to ask as many questions as you want/need to :slight_smile: Everyone on here is super helpful! I don’t think I would’ve gotten through my first baby without this forum and all the helpful people on here

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Hi I am new too and just finished my first baby. I used Aleene’s Paper Glaze for the fingernails and lips. BB sales it.

The air dry gloss was discontinued. There is a heat set gloss available.


Like the other ladies mention air dry gloss varnish has been discontinued. There is glazing gel but it has to be baked. I’m not a fan of it. I switched Aleene’s Paper Glaze which air drys it’s amazing!!

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Welcome, Donita! I don’t even use my Air Dry Gloss because it isn’t very glossy. I like Mod Podge Gloss or Satin for the lips, nails, nose, etc.

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Welcome Donita…I use Alena’s Paper Glaze as well…You can 'Matte" it a little to take off some of the really shiny if you don’t want that by using your finger and tapping the glaze while it is still wet…I leave the inner crease of the lips with the wet look and tap the glaze out towards the outer part of the mouth so that they still look moist but not totally wet…Satin glaze works well too if you want to cook again… :smile:

If you are really wanting an air dry gloss Hunny Buns reborn dolls and supply sells it for $1.99 for a 1/2 oz, it is not “Genesis” brand though, but if it does the same thing then brand really doesn’t matter. I am working on my first reborn also so I can’t say what works best. I know a lot of people use aleene’s paper glaze, I haven’t been able to find it in stores though, only online, but as a newbie I want to try lots of different mediums and varnishes to find what I like best. Below is the link for the air dry gloss, she also sells the genesis satin varnish for a good price, I have found it t be a bit hard to find.

Welcome to the group

Welcome to the forum . . . you will have a lot of fun here with everyone !!

Thanks everyone, for your responses. Your all so helpful, I can’t wait to learn from each of you.

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