New to reborning, introducation and a question

Hi my name is Kim and I just got into reborning. I’ve always loved art but have been busy the last 23 years raising children and haven’t had much time for myself. I have 4 girls age 23, 14, 11 and 9. About a year ago my youngest fell in love with reborn dolls and since I’ve always been a doll lover myself I started looking into what was involved in making one and here I am. I bought her a completed doll last Christmas and she takes wonderful care of it. I am currently making my first doll, a boy by her request. He’s all painted and I’m at the point of eyebrows. To paint or root that is the question. I can’t decide. What do you find easier? Is there some way to make it easier? The thought of trying to get them even scares me. Also I have the nuwave oven with extender. She wants me to make her a bigger baby but I don’t know how big I could bake in this oven. What is the biggest kit you have made with the nuwave? Thanks in advance for any advice you have.


Hello, welcome here. There are lots of lovely people on this forum with lots of answers and advice. I can’t help with the oven question because I use air dry paint. Someone will though.

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I’ve just finished a 26 inch in the nuwav, not sure about any bigger than that… I don’t root brows…I just can’t seem to get them right so I either paint them on or draw with a prisma pencil

Welcome! Painting is easier because you can wipe then off and try again. I also use air dry.

I find it easiest to do the brows with Prisma pencil.As far as the nuwave question,several people have said they did toddlers in them but used 2 extender rings.When I do a bigger kit ,I just bake head and arms in one bake then do the legs separately in the nuwave. But I do not like my parts to touch each other so I may be a little picky.

I use air dry, so am not experienced with the nuwave, but I’ve seen people stack extender rings until the kits fit.
For hair I’d go with painting. It’s easier to wipe off when you get it wrong and rooting is just really messy.

When the eyebrows are not rooted well it ruins the whole doll. Easier to get the right location and shape with paint or Prisma. Eyebrows are harder than they look- -even for experienced artists. Look at protoypes of the doll you are making to get an idea of where to place them.

Thanks everyone. I was leaning towards paint or pencil so that is what I’ll go with for the eyebrows. I’m so scared of ruining all the work I’ve already done. I did order hair from Angela’s to do the head. Wish me luck.

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Welcome Kim! I personally do not like rooted eyebrows. They tend to get bushy. I haven’t used heat set paint in years and don’t remember how big of a baby I was able to put in my Nuwave.
BOL with the rooting and eyebrows. Please share pictures when you’re done.