New Soft Vinyl Blinkin and Nod!

Good News!

We are so excited to announce that Blinkin and Nod are back in stock and softer than ever! Our new inventory is made from our warmer colored vinyl. They are also softer than the vinyl that the original kits were made of.

These are full anatomically correct baby dolls, and they are around 16-16.5" long. We sell a boy and girl version of both Blinkin and Nod. You can view their items here: Search: 5 results found for "blinkin reborn doll" - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)*. Be sure to make these sweet babies yours!

Have a Great Weekend!

Bountiful Baby


How exciting! They’re super cute, I’m glad they’re back!


I never thought I wanted this kit but I’m ordering!


Thier little fat legs and feet are so cute!

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And those cheeks!

@bountifulbaby Will the neck flange for the cloth body be coming back in stock?

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Was wondering this, too. I’d like to put my next Nod on a cloth body and need the special flange/adapter thing.

Same here. I really want to order him before he goes out of stock, but have to wait to see about the flange. I’m not a fan of the full vinyl body.

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Me either. My first Nod felt so stiff with that body. He needs to be more cuddly. I think I’ll split his torso and make front and back plates out of it.