New soft full body Babies!

Oh my gosh I want one of these babies!! check out D o l l d r e a m s new Sheila Michaels soft full body baby!

Oh my gosh thank you for posting this-- is that the one there in the picture with the white cap? 129 dollars, I cant ever afford that, but you know what, i think i will sell all of my kits to get one! Wow! Can you use GHSP on them? I need more info I am so excited about this! =)

Do they get weighted? If there is more info somewhere let me know i love this

is this the only kit like this ever made? I have always wanted to do a silicone but I know the process is different, is this the only thing like this every? oh hopefully someone is interested in buying some kits on here because I am just dying over this right now!

I know it’s expensive! But- I would love one of those- and silicone is $$$$- so in comparison, not bad!

Definitely true! I would never even consider spending that on a kit, well, until I saw this!

I so want one of those but can we use ghsp?

I couldn’t find it But I want to see too.


Just trying to figure out how much bigger it would be than the ones I’ve tried. The biggest so far is the 20" ones so I don’t know if I want one that much bigger. I’ll have to measure a porcelain doll tomorrow to see how big he is. But that baby does look cute!

Just saw some more photos of her on the irrest…site. Falling in love but still need to find out what size she would be or Eden… I have a baby that isn’t a reborn that is 21" long but looks twice the size of the ones I’ve reborn that are 20" so I’m a little worried about how big she is but…boy, is she beautiful!

On the other hand I measured my porcelian boy and he is 23" and wears 0-3 clothes. Catherine was 22" at birth but looks tiny compared to him. Decisions, decisions!

I really want that doll, she is being released tomorrow. I have been looking at her and was wondering if she is very soft or like the nod doll…I dont like that hard body on Nod.

I am getiing one now!!

I know- thank God pay day is this weekend!

I’m having a problem finding this kit. If I knew the name of the baby that might help. Does anyone know it? Thanks … 123wt_1394
here is the link to purchase:

Thank you ladies for the info and the link. I like her coloring and being that she is full bodied she can wear any type of clothing. Thanks again for helping me find her.